No more data headaches - house everything under one secure roof

Move past legacy systems and don’t let silos of data impair your business processes/operations. xAmplifier uses cutting-edge web and database technologies to unify customer data from all touchpoints and channels in one place, including CRM, ERP, billing, and other data sources. Team members can easily retrieve and use the data on the xAmplifier platform.

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Secure across all industry standards

With top companies across the world experiencing data breaches, we understand your customers and your business want the most secure systems handling sensitive data. xAmplifier leverages the power of the cloud through Amazon Web Services (AWS) and ensures your data handling is compliant with PHI, PCI, HIPAA, and other industry standards and regulations, so that you don’t have to worry.



Flexible and Intuitive

xAmplifier handles all types of data, including unstructured review and survey data. This is made easily accessible through interactive dashboards and reporting tools. Our Agile Development approach means that we can quickly tailor and develop solutions to fit your needs.



Empower all levels of your organization to make data-driven decisions

Intuitive dashboards and intelligent filters make getting perspective on numbers easy. Quickly access key performance indicators (KPIs). Compare revenue and profitability of your marketing efforts. Make operational decisions with data to support your every move.



Effortlessly delve through layers of customer insight

Using data to improve and innovate is simple on the xAmplifier platform. Filter by location, product, demographics, psychographics, ROI, and much more. Use text analytics and purchase/non-purchase driver metrics to get to the root cause of problems. Measure performance of different lead sources to increase conversion rates and improve sales funnel metrics.


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